Gait Heritage Winter Classic

Rules / Format

  1. Games are ten (10) minutes; two (2) minutes between games.  Teams on deck – be ready to take the field promptly.
  2. No overtime, except in playoffs games, if applicable (see overtime format below).
  3. Central clock/horn will indicate start and the stop time.
  4. Each game starts with rock/paper/scissors to determine initial possession.
  5. Each team will play with four (4) field players and a goalie.
  6. Substitutions are permitted on the fly from the substitution area. The player exiting the field must be off the field entirely before her teammate can enter the field.
  7. The field is “half –court;” each team must clear the ball to the Reset Line on change of possession. Doing so will give goalies sufficient time to “switch.”
  8. Goal Scored — free clear when a goal is scored; the ball will be given to team that was just playing defense and was scored upon (i.e., alternate possession).
  9. Goalie Save – not a free clear, the team that was on offense may contest the clear.  The defensive team must make a pass inside the playing area (the outlet pass counts) and either run it or pass it behind the Reset Line to clear the ball.  Once the ball has been successfully “cleared,” the team with the ball may assume playing offense.
  10. Goalies defend the goal when their team is on defense; they switch when their team clears the ball.  Goalies wait a safe distance behind the net; no goalie reentry.
  11. When on offense, a team must complete one (1) pass successfully before going to goal (i.e., one pass to get the ball “hot”).  A flip counts as a pass.  A pass from one player behind the Reset Line to another player behind the Reset Line does not count toward satisfying the one (1) pass rule; but a pass from a player behind the Reset Line to a player on the field of play does count.
  12. Players may not loiter behind the Reset Line for more than five (5) seconds. Doing so will result in a turnover for delay of game. Officials may provide warnings.
  13. Officials will do their best to enforce hard boundaries.
  14. No stalling game (in the official’s judgment) except in the last minute of the game.  Officials will first provide warning to stalling team and may award possession to other team if the stalling continues.
  15. Full checking is permitted.
  16. Fouls:
    • All rules will be followed & enforced (i.e. charging, blocking, illegal check, etc.)
    • No 8 meter free shots, all fouls will be indirect.  Player with the ball will be given 4 meters.
    • If a player receives a yellow card, she must sit out for two (2) minutes; a sub can come in, teams do not have to play short-handed.
  17. No more than two coaches are permitted on the field.  All other parents and fans must stay in designated areas.
  18. Players and coaches must display good sportsmanship toward each other and the officials.
  19. Players must wear mouth guards and goggles at all times.
  20. Overtime in playoff – if applicable:  the official will set up a throw at the top by the Reset Line; 2v2 Brave-Heart format, one (1) pass rule applies.
  21. Scoring:  officials will keep score and call out the score after each goal. Coaches will be asked to confirm score.
  22. Point System:
    • Win – 3 points
    • Tie – 1 point
    • Loss – 0 points
    • Tiebreakers are 1) head to head, 2) goals against
  23.  Honor the Game and Have Fun!!